Thursday, November 28, 2013

The starting post

November 28th prompt for the NaBloPoMo challenge – How do you feel about the first blog post you ever wrote? 

My first blog entry happened August 11, 2009.   (here it is)

I had joined Twitter not too long before that and was on it constantly.  I made some new friends there who I am still in touch with today through Twitter as well as on Facebook.  I also discovered the world of blogging and was hooked instantly.  A lot of them were “mommy” blogs and humor blogs and, of course some humorous mommy blogs.  One thing they all have in common is that these were people just like me writing about their experiences in parenting, relationships and the workplace and I could relate to so many of them. 

It took me a little while to work up the courage to “put myself out there”.  I’m pretty shy person have never really had the courage to stand in front of
a crowd and speak up.  I think that connecting up with new people on Twitter, and being accepted, gave me the boost that I needed.  I probably never would have started this blog without it.  I can really see the lack of confidence in my own ability in my first post and like to think that I’ve gotten better. 

Reading my introduction, I have to admit that it’s a little sad how little has changed in a couple of parts of my life.  I’m still in the same very solid but uninspiring job.  Please don’t think that I’m ungrateful; this job pays my rent and feeds my kids and, for that, I am eternally grateful.  I just wish that it left me feeling a little more fulfilled.  The boyfriend front is still pretty sad.  It’s so hard to find a decent guy with the same goals as mine. 

On the other hand, my kids’ nicknames had to change since they have evolved from the eleven and nine year olds that they were then.  I’m in a far better place financially since I have managed to get my budget under control.  I’m far from rich but definitely less stressed about money than I was several years ago.  I also like to think that my confidence has grown too.  I don’t have a huge readership but nobody has outright booed me so I call that a win. 

I haven’t always been consistent about posting and there are couple of gaps where I just didn’t seem to have a lot to say but I have been working on that this year and hope to keep the momentum going.  This month’s NaBloPoMo has certainly been an exercise in that!  Blogging is something that I have come to enjoy and really like the connections that I have made because of it. 

I guess that I’ll end this post on the same note that I ended the first one on.  I’ve let a few people who I know outside of the internet in on my blog and the world hasn’t ended.  Who knows, maybe I’ll introduce some more people to it soon. 



  1. I had no idea that you started back in '09. Wow! I personally think you are a good writer and I know the comments you leave on my blog are readworthy. Not a "good post" but you're not afraid to speak up and say what you think about what I've written. You should not feel intimidated about getting yourself out there. I know it's easier said than done but compared to some of the blogs I've read, you've got some meat and potatoes to yours.

    1. Thank you very much Barb! You kind words are what this is all about; we share our thoughts with others hoping to connect to others and give/receive support.