Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dish Gremlins

I swear that there are gremlins hiding in the shadows here whose only purpose in life is to put dishes in my sink.  I have washed dishes five times today and yet, every time I walk through the kitchen, there are a few more in the sink.

I have dishpan hands!

I've gotten over being embarrassed when someone walks into the apartment and sees dirty dishes in my sink.  I just distract them with my tumbleweed dust bunnies (hee hee).  Those who know me well, know that I will never win any good housekeeping awards and are cool with it.  They're here to see me not my clean sink...... thank goodness!

I suppose the fact that I've got a teen and pre-teen in the place who are constantly eating or drinking something could explain a lot.  They inhale the current refreshment and, plunk, there goes something else into the sink.  Maybe these two also explain what I, until now, took to be the work of the cousin of the dish-gremlin.....the grocery gremlin whose purpose in life is to empty my fridge (and wallet).

Now, the kids don't mind helping with the groceries or carrying them up the stairs because that means that their bottomless pits will continue to have fuel but getting them to deal with the aftermath is something else.  I practically have to twist their arms to get them in front of that sink and even then they often do a half-assed job of it.

I made a great breakfast and a super supper as well as doing dishes multiple times today so you'd think that when I asked Drama Queen to wash the desert dishes, she'd do so without a fuss, right?  Wrong!!!  You wouldn't believe the eye rolling and groaning..... I actually had to yell at her after calling her to the kitchen THREE times.  I had to remind her of all that I'd done for her today.  I almost had to pull out the I-carried-you-for-nine-months-and-gave-you-life card.

I suppose that most parents of 11 and 13 year olds go through the same kind of thing so I guess that I'm not alone.  I'll get these two trained yet!

Until then, somebody please pass me the hand moisturizer....