Sunday, July 31, 2011


Between the heat/humidity we've been having and how insanely busy I've been with work, my brain has been in constant melt-down lately.  Because of the gooey state of my brain, I haven't been spending a lot of time online and (as you know) no time on my blog. 

I did discover something recently, though, that has caught my attention.  I was reading a book recently and the subject of haiku came up.  I Googled it and learned that haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that has some reference to one of the four seasons and seventeen syllables (three lines - 5, 7, 5).  When it is done in English, it tends to be far more flexible as far as content and can be humourous, sad, thoughtful, etc.

I've been doing a bit of experementing with it.  Okay, I'm a total amateur so please don't be too harsh.

First, with a season, just to be traditional:

Grass so green and long;
  Your scent surrounds my senses
like a summer dream.

I was watching a program about sharks on National Geographic channel when this one came along (I'll take inspiration whereever I can get it!!)

Oh mighty sun shark,
  with teeth so sharp and fatal;
King of his domain.

Both of the following are quite true depending on my mood.

Facebook and Twitter,
   always hungry and greedy;
suck away my time.

Facebook and Twitter,
   fascinating and social;
I give you my time.

My cousin's cat is staying with us for a while and my cat is definitely NOT appreciating this intruder.  I think that story will definitely be another blog post.

Two cats in my home
   circle each other, unsure.
Who is this stranger?

I continued that theme when I met someone online recently.

Who is this stranger?
    I know him only slightly;
will there be a spark?

We seem to have attracted some fruit flies here that have been making me bonkers! (another post?)

Fruit flies so tiny,
   buzzing around my poor head;
such a busy bug!

Okay ladies and gentlemen, if you think I'm lame try not to hurt my feelings.  If you think that this could be fun, show me what you've got.......haiku-wise, of course.  Anything else would be kind of wierd, you know.