Monday, November 18, 2013


November 18th prompt for the NaBloPoMo challenge – Tell us about a blog post that you didn’t publish 

I won’t specify one actual post but there have been a number of occasions when I have stopped myself from publishing a particular kind of post. 

Anybody who has read my posts even somewhat regularly knows that I am not afraid to point out my own faults.  If I don’t do something particularly well I’ll be the first person to point that out.  I openly admit my own shortcomings be they physical, emotional or mental.  I try to keep it to a minimum though since I seriously don’t want my blog to be a pity party.  It’s about the things in my life that make my life what it is; kids, work, cooking, books, observations, dating (or lack thereof), etc., etc. 

This brings me to what I don’t publish.  This blog is about my life so I do talk about my kids, my family, my co-workers and friends from time to time.  I usually do this in the context of how they have affected my life, my thoughts, my dreams…..  One thing I try not to do is analyze or criticize them on my blog. 

There have been times when somebody has said or done something that riled me up so much that I’ve found myself sitting down and writing about it.  This can be healing for me but not something I feel I should be sharing online.  I’ve deleted several posts about my mother, about work and even a few about my ex.  I haven’t shared the fact that I even have a blog with many people in my “real” life but should any of these people ever read it, they would be understandably upset at me for airing their dirty laundry online.  There are those who perhaps deserve some harsh words from me but that is something that should be private. 

I may allude to someone who has had a negative effect on my life to make a point but I try not to throw judgment around or go into detail that shouldn’t be out in the public realm.  That being said, I’m not perfect so may slip now and then but there will always be certain posts that I will never hit “publish” on. 

Here is somebody who will never be bothered by what I post about her  ;)



  1. Everyone has a choice of how they run their blog. If you feel this way who am I to judge you?! I know I try to keep mine upbeat. Even when telling life stories that weren't always so happy. lol

    1. We all need to listen to our conscience and go with it. After all, you want to be able to look in the mirror the next morning.

      I was very impressed with your post about your son's birth. You touched on what transpired with your family then, instead of continuing to berate them for their failures, you chose to focus on how you handled the situation and the angels who helped you. I like to hope that I will always handle difficult posts like that.

  2. Maybe I need to learn a lesson from you! But sometimes I just can't stop myself from hitting the publish button! :)

    1. Rhonda, I'm not always nice and take a certain joy in your DOWA posts; keep them coming! Celebrities and politicians who are asses on camera deserve what they get but I try hard to control myself with the people in my life.