Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My writing space

November 5th NaBloPoMo writing prompt - Tell us about your writing space.  Where do you write your blog posts.

I really wish that I did have a real writing space.  I live in a two bedroom apartment with both rooms in use and mine doesn't have room for a desk.  I suppose that I could fit one in my living/dining room space but I really like the openness of the area as it is and a desk would clutter it more than I would like.

My computer lives at one end of my dining room table.  Since there is just me and the two kids, using the fourth place at the table this way isn't a big deal and the computer can easily be moved if we have company.  Of course, if I ever find myself a real boyfriend in the long line of duds and need that fourth place regularly, I may have to reconsider my arrangement.

So, I do most of my writing at the dining room table with the tv on in the background.  Yeah, I know, that's not conducive to good concentration but I've never claimed to be a person with a lot of good habits.  This is also probably why I'll never write a novel; award-winning or otherwise.

If anybody asks me if I do any blog writing at work during quiet times I will vehemently deny any such thing since that would be so wrong……  ;)

I'm doing you a favour by not showing you what I wear when I write



  1. You're short on real estate, too, I see! LOL. I'm with ya, I dream of having a dedicated writing space! I am jealous of your MAC, though :)

    Thanks for coming by!

  2. I may not have a desk but I've got a computer that I love, it's a start!

  3. You're doing better than me, my table is covered with clutter! Oops!

    1. Good thing the computer is big enough to not show the crap hiding behind it! LOL