Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm on a roll this year!

I know, you're looking at the picture and thinking "no, it's too early for that!" but you're just gonna have to deal with it because I am on a roll this year and it's the perfect picture for this post.  

The other day, I wrote about how I’ve really managed to get myself on track budget-wise.  I have taken it one step further this year by actually starting my Christmas shopping early.  I know, it’s an effing miracle!! 

Let’s put that statement into perspective.  Usually, I pretty much wait until I get my Christmas bonus at work about a week and a half before the big day then run around like a lunatic trying to figure out what to get for everyone in such a short time along with all the other lunatics who have waited until the last minute like me.  It’s kinda stressful….. 

This year, I decided to stop that madness and actually start early.  I’ve been harassing my kids for wish-lists and inserting gifts into my budget.  I’ve already got several things and have plans for more!  I was ridiculously excited for the Amazon delivery that arrived yesterday proving that I'm either really into the whole Christmas thing this year or just don't have an exciting enough life.  Sadly enough both possibilities are true.

I’m sure that some of you are sitting there shaking your heads thinking “this chick only catches on to this trick at 43 years old? Tsk, tsk, tsk” and you’re right but it’s better late than never, right? 

This year, I’m going to rock Christmas.  I intend to bake and cook and decorate and have fun with it.  We’ll continue our yearly tradition of Christmas morning with the kids’ dad and stepmother – at my place this year since Christmas hits my week – and the new tradition that we started last year of a tree decorating party which was so much fun that we will be continuing it.  Of course, the food orgy that is Christmas dinner is a must as well.  I foresee plenty of wine being imbibed in the month of December.  Boy do I have a lot to plan! 



  1. Sure does sound like you're making December to be a busy, fun-filled month! A tree decorating party sounds really nice. And definitely getting a jump start on the gift buying feels good, glad that works for you. :)

    1. Well, we'll see how far I get before I run out of steam but I'm hoping to take some of the stress out of the holidays. Who knows, if it all works out well I may just make starting early a whole new tradition :)