Saturday, April 16, 2011

So much like his dad....

I am coming to the realization that Scout Boy, as he gets older, is getting to be more and more like his father.  He has always looked like him but I'm starting to hear it coming from his mouth.  I got an excellent example of this yesterday. 

Let's back up for a second here.  Last week, he asked me if I had "a USB thing" for my computer.  Silly me, I thought he was asking me if it had USB ports so, of course, I said yes. 

So, he came over yesterday from his dad's place to pick up something and asked me for the USB key for his school project.  When I told him I don't have one, he went all red in the face, the scowl appeared and tears stood out in his eyes.  That scowl was pure Stinky.  This kid was seriously channelling his father.

Him - "Mommy, you SAID that you have one!"
Me - "If you had been a little more clear in your question, I would have given you the right answer"
Him - "But I WAS clear!"  (followed by a frustrated growl deep in his throat)

Wait, I thought that I divorced this guy.......and how did he turn himself into a twelve-year-old?  Stinky has the most terrible habit of asking unclear questions or mumbling at you as he walks away then getting all frustrated when it becomes clear that you didn't get the message.

I sent him out the door with the instruction to ask his Dad if he has one; if not, his father can buy him one.  I'm generous like that ;)

He called me a while later saying that his step-mom has one but do I have Powerpoint on my computer?  I said yes.......a pause...... (insert condescending tone) "Are you sure Mommy, we don't want a repeat of the whole USB thing".  Huh? How did my ex-husband get on the phone?

Don't get me wrong, Stinky has many fine qualities that I certainly want our kids to inherit but there are qualities and habits that we both have that I'd rather they don't pick up.  I guess that these conversations have really pointed out to me just how influential we are in our kids' lives.  After all, we are their primary role models.  Maybe it's time to improve some of our habits.......


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  1. LOL! Yep why is it that they pick up our worst traits? Great post.