Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm hip, aren't I?

I went to a wedding reception last night.  Yes, I actually went out, drank, danced and enjoyed some socializing.  It shocking, I know, so I'll give you a moment to regain your composure.......

Better?  Good.  Where was I now? 

Oh yeah, my co-worker/friend JJ got married yesterday to his very pretty and oh-so-too-good-for-him girlfriend.  They are a young couple on a budget so couldn't invite everyone they've ever met to the wedding and dinner so they invited many of us to come and join them for the party after the dinner.  As is to be expected, the bride was stunning and the groom really does clean up well and they were absolutely glowing.

As mentioned before, they are fairly young - well, late twenties anyway - and their friends are in the same age range.  They had a cousin of hers doing DJ duty and I have to admit that I didn't recognize most of what he played.  The dance music beat was the same for most of the songs and  they all kind of blended together very quickly.  Oh, and the volume?  Ear-splitting.  I soon felt kind of old

This is sad since I'm only forty-one.  How do you dance to this stuff?  I like to think of myself as hip, with-it, up-to-date but those illusions took a serious beating last night.  My friend, PC, was showing some good rhythm for a white man closing in on fifty.  Why couldn't I look like that?  Okay, not the bald part but you know what I mean.  Compared to him, I looked like a dying fish flopping around in the bottom of a boat  (not a pretty picture!). 

Despite the whole twitching fish image, I did enjoy myself and was glad to be there to congratulate the happy couple.  The vodka and cranberry drinks probably helped that along  ;)

Perhaps PC can give me some dancing lessons sometime.  Maybe I'll get out more



  1. Glad you got out!

    I wanna go out dancing now. We can try to outdo each other for outdated moves. AND crantinis. Ha.

  2. @The Animated Woman.
    Sounds like a party to me! Practice makes perfect - both in dancing and boozing. LOL
    (thanks for the Twitter RT, by the way)

  3. I'm always jealous of those people who can dance...I have no rhythm at all. That's the main reason I could never do aerobics...or zumba.

  4. @Helene
    I tried aerobics a couple of times and it was NOT a pretty sight! I'll do you a favour and not go into details. LOL! Thanks for stopping by; I'll go check out your blog too :)

  5. Vodka and cranberry is totally my new favourite drink! I partook (is that a word?) of those on Saturday, and no hangover! Ta-da! New favourite drink!

  6. @Sandra
    Oh, I love vodka for that! I think the sugar in the cranberry juice also helps (no don't ask me for scientific proof, it just DOES, lol). Yeah, by the way, I'll accept partook; sounds good even if it's not real

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