Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Fun to Dream....

Last week the Lotto Max grand prize was fifty million dollars and my co-workers and I decided to buy a ticket together.  We don't usually do this but we figured, what the heck, why not?  So we each put in five bucks and got a mega ticket with ten sets of numbers. 

Now, we're not total fools; we knew that our chances of winning were astronomically low but we decided to be optomistic and go around with the attitude that we would win.  That's positive thinking for you.

(No...... we didn't win.  I mean, would I actually be here blogging if I had five million dollars in my bank account right now?  Gimme a break!  LOL)

(For my American readers, I'd like to point out that, here in Canada, all lottery winnings are tax-free and we get them in one whopping shot.  Woo hoo!)

I must say that this was the best five dollars that I have spent in a very long time.  My coworkers and I (nine women and one poor, hen-pecked man) had a blast All. Week. Long!  We shared our dreams - what we would buy, where we would go, etc and had fun teasing each other for the crazier ideas.

We talked about cars, houses, vacations...... We talked about the half-naked butlers we'd have.  You ladies know what I'm talking about; tight black pants, no shirt, little black bow-tie......mmmm.....(wipes the drool)....  Our Controller (hen-pecked man) fantasized about taking a cultured lady to the ballet.  Yeah, he got razzed for that one.  The ballerina picture is still taped to his door, LOL

We had some fun at the boss' expense too.  We all pretty much agreed that he'd have a stroke if we actually won.  After all, he'd lose his entire payroll/billing/accounting department!!  We joked that we'd call him down for a "meeting" Monday morning and then all walk out, leaving him to do the payroll.  Then we'd call around 4:30 and say "has the pay gone out yet?"  Those in the know will know just how funny that is (boy would he regret how many times he's uttered that question!)

All in all, the laughs, teasing and bonding made for a highly entertaining week and were well worth the $5 admission.  The boss may not have been thrilled if we had won but he can't argue with the solid team-building exercise that this turned out to be.

So when's the next big draw?



  1. I have such a wish list if I ever win the lottery...

  2. Sound to me like you already won! Great friends and a bunch of dreams. I'd say that was well worth the money spent!

  3. @Jotter Girl
    You're so right! As much as I'd love to retire early, I would SO miss seeing my ladies every day!

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by the blog, even though you didn't vote for me! *sobs* :) Thanks for picking up my button and following! Look forward to getting to know you!