Saturday, May 4, 2013


The Boy has been finding ways to push my buttons this week.  Of course, he’s fourteen so that’s no big surprise.  The logic of a teenaged boy’s brain is pretty mystifying. 

I commented about one such conversation the other day on this blog post  I just recently found Rhonda and she's a pretty cool chick so check her out.  Here is what I wrote: 


Six thirty in the morning is far too early for conversations like that.  Momma needs a couple of hours in the morning to build up strength for the day.

Then came the grapes……. 

I bought a nice big bag of grapes on Tuesday thinking that they would be nice in our lunches.  I took them out the next morning, put some in my lunch bag then left the bag of grapes on the counter for the kids to put some in their lunches.  I came home that night, went to get something out of the freezer and found the whole bag of grapes in the freezer.  Now, I know that he likes frozen grapes for a snack and I always let him put some in the freezer but the WHOLE thing?!  I went and gave him hell for putting ALL of the grapes in the freezer cuz, you know, somebody else might want some!   

The response:  “Well, it was either put them in there or leave them out all day” 

Huh?  Have we never heard of something called a fridge?!   

The response:  *shrug* 

Oh boy……. 

To be fair though, he did redeem himself the next night by cooking supper – the sausages anyway – on the BBQ.  He did a pretty good job too; no hacksaws needed! 

It’s also nice that he’s tall enough now to reach stuff that I can’t.  I’ve put that ability to use a couple of times this week. 

Okay, I guess I’ll keep him 



  1. I'm so happy I popped over here this morning! This could have been a conversation from my house, but believe me, I'm glad it was at your house instead! I love that he only saw two options for the grapes.

    Have I mentioned my 2 cups of coffee rule? I've told the boys they can't need anything (especially not nonsense) until I've had my 2nd cup of coffee in the morning. Believe me, it's better for everyone that way. Your towel story certainly sounds like it happened before the 2nd cup was consumed...which means drip dry it should be :)

    I always thought things would be easier when mine became teenagers, but this makes me think maybe not?

    Thanks for mentioning me in your post :)

    1. Easier? No. Different challenges? Oh yeah! Despite the challenges, I love watching how they are changing and developing into two incredible people.

      Sometimes I think that they catch me before I have enough caffeine in me just to see my reaction.....