Monday, April 29, 2013

A Little Bit of Me Time

In my new quest to lift my spirits and enjoy life a little more, I went for a walk on Saturday.   

(pausing while you gasp in surprise) 

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t tend to be the exercising type.  Generally, if you see me walking it’s because I need to get somewhere (don’t have a car) but walking for pleasure…… um……. no.   

You see, I woke up on Saturday to a glorious spring day - sunshine, warm but not too hot temperatures – and it made me feel good.  Since I haven’t been feeling all that good these days and have been trying to do something about it, I decided not to waste all of this gloriousness in front of me.    I packed a small bag with my book (never go anywhere without a book!!), something to drink and my camera and set off toward the lake.  I’m so lucky to live near a lakeside park but hardly ever take advantage of it so, on Saturday, I took advantage. 

Looking at the calendar the other day I realized that I had bought my fancy new camera a year ago this month but have never really bothered to play with it and experiment with all of the fancy effects so I had some fun with it....... 

... selecting colours.....

... stitching multiple picture together to form a banner.....

 .... and a little bit of fish-eye fun.....

I spent the rest of the weekend treating myself to a ME weekend.  I sat on my balcony with my book, my tea and my cat.  I made spaghetti sauce and muffins (not to be eaten together, of course!) and listened to some of my favourite music and the Trivia Show on the radio Sunday morning.  No real housework was done so, if you come visit me, try not to trip on the dust bunnies.   



  1. Lazy days are the best! You need them to ground yourself and recharge.... I probably would have committed homicide many years ago if not for them... ;)

    1. Yep, housework can always be done later; sometimes your sanity needs to be saved NOW ;)

  2. I feel like we have a similar outlook. I know a ton of people who run. For fun. I'm thinking if someone or something isn't chasing me, I'm not running. I can't think of many things less fun.

    1. You know the saying that if you're in the forest with friends and a bear chases you, you don't have to be the fastest of the group as long as you aren't the slowest? Yeah, I'd be the one the bear has for supper....... LOL