Friday, May 31, 2013

Quickie Post

This is just a quick post to tell you about something I saw on Facebook today that I thought was just too cool and couldn't keep to myself – Zipzicles!!

You heard it correctly!  We’re talking about Ziploc bags in the shape of a freezy pop.  I absolutely cannot wait for these to come to Canada.

They are easy, portable and, best of all, you can put whatever the heck you want into them – pureed fruit, any juice, lemonade….. and that’s just for the kids!  I can imagine wine pops for mom  ;)

Somebody PLEASE tell them to come to Canada!  (have I used enough exclamation marks in this post?!!  LOL)



  1. Very cool! (Pun intended!)
    These would be easy and good to use if they can be reused... If not, they better be cheap. ;)

    1. I actually found them on the US Amazon site for $2.99 although I don't know how many in a box. One of the customer reviewer said that she washed them out and reuses them just like you would a normal Ziplock bag. It's such a cool idea!

  2. Wow, Kat. Thanks for posting that. How cool! I'm sharing your post on my fb page since I think I have a lot of friends that might be interested in that! The folks at Ziplock are genius!