Friday, February 18, 2011

What's with these guys?!

I just don't get it. I've been divorced for a while now and I'm quite ready to invite someone new into my life. I started the whole dating process a few years ago so you would think that I'd be happily settled with Prince Charming by now, right? HA!! As if.....

It's as if commitment has become a dirty word. I hear things like "let's keep it casual" or "just looking for someone to hook up with now and then". Huh?! We're not talking about twenty year olds here. I'm forty one and looking for someone at least as mature as I am but I'm having a hard time achieving that goal. Do these men not need love in their lives?

I met one guy who was different last fall. I'm talking about a man who was actually looking for a real relationship. Hallelujah!! We got along really well, enjoyed spending time together and were REALLY compatible in the bedroom (woo hoo!). Sound great doesn't he? Of course he does.......but.....wait for it......the reason he was looking for a relationship is that he was looking for someone to make babies with! I am SO over the babymaking thing. I have two already - 10 and 12 years old - and I do not intend to add a third. Oh well, another one down the drain....

You may be wondering what started this rant. Well, I met someone this week who seemed nice and we were definitely attracted to each other but - get this - he doesn't want an actual relationship with someone who is divorced with kids. It goes against his Catholic-Italian family's values. What?!! Oh, but he wouldn't mind getting together to fool around when my children aren't around. Oh. My. F***ing. God!! Needless to say, I said "goodbye" pretty darned quickly to this schmuck. I wish him luck finding a decent woman our age who has absolutely no marriage or child bearing history.

I haven't given up on the male of our species quite yet. My libido won't let me. I'm sure that there must be one BBW loving guy out there who's looking for a loving relationship who would be honoured to join my little family. He's out there; I just have to wade through a few dozen duds to get to him and you can bet that I'll tell you about the more interesting ones!



  1. Hang in there! There's a good one out there for sure. I know it! Gotta laugh though at the guy with the religious values. I'm sure his family is so proud of him.

  2. I know! I'd be insulted by his attitude if it actually made any sense. I know that Fate won't let me down; the right one is out there somewhere. In the meantime, I've got good stories to tell :)