Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dating Adventures

I received an email the other day that kind of blew my mind. Okay, not literally or else I wouldn't be sitting here but you get my drift. Anyway, this guy that I met online shortly after I decided to re-enter the dating world a number of years back decided to contact me. I have profiles on a couple of different dating sites and he had spotted one.

His note went like this - "I see that you're still looking. If you're lonely, I'd love to get together."

Now, if I thought that he just wanted to chat maybe I'd consider it but I wasn't born yesterday (make that 41 years ago!) so I know that he's single too and looking for a "hook-up" or two or three. I just can't seem to understand the thinking behind this.

We established within a couple of months or so of meeting that I am not the woman for him and he is not the man for me. He's not a bad guy but has an intense need to control every aspect of his life - including his relationships - and I intensely despise feeling like I'm being bossed around. This is not the basis for any kind of relationship and our parting wasn't particularly friendly. Basically I told him to stop being so damned bossy and stomped out. Yeah, I know, childish but boy did it feel good!

So what does he want, a f**k buddy until one of us meets somebody? What then? "Sorry, I've met somebody so I can't screw you anymore so take care and, please, don't write" Ugh!!!

Of course, I said "no thanks"

There are days when I wish that I could take a microscope and discover the secret to what makes men tick. This, of course, would make me rich beyond my wildest imagination because every woman in the world would pay for that secret and I'd have men throwing themselves at my rich feet. Ah, to dream.......