Thursday, February 17, 2011

I know that this is shocking but, yes, here I am twice in one week! I even amaze myself sometimes, lol. You see, I'm on vacation, the kids are with their dad this week and I'm feeling pretty darned well rested. This means that I've been spending oodles of time farting around on the internet; Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. - the list goes on. In keeping with my decision to get back on the blog-wagon, I have spent some of that "valuable" internet time giving my blog a new look. I've changed the background to something a little brighter (that brown was SO depressing!) and I've added a list of many of the blogs that I follow. Those that had buttons for me to grab have their button here and those that don't are listed. I hope that you'll check some of them out.

The other reason that I am feeling so chipper (please don't be jealous) is that we are having a glorious day here. It is mild, sunny and I even have windows open (heat is off, of course!). The fresh air streaming into my decidedly stale apartment is like medicine for the soul. Days like this are hard to come by in Montreal in February. Even my cat tiptoed out onto the balcony. Her days of delicately perching on the warm heater are definitely numbered! Yes, that pic above is her doing her balancing act on the heater. As small as she is, she still has to keep one foot down to keep from tumbling off; how can that be comfortable?

Anyway, I've been in a bit of a funk lately but this small whiff of spring has lifted my spirits better than anything else ever could except maybe some nice chocolaty brownies........mmmm, brownies........maybe I'll do a little baking this afternoon ;)



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