Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I am a homebody

I am a homebody.   

No wait; that should be in capital letters…… I AM A HOMEBODY! 

There is no place in this world that I would rather be than home.  Home, to me, is not some palatial estate with a movie room, hot tub and swimming pool although a hot tub would be kind of cool.  It is an apartment with two bedrooms (the smaller of which is mine) a small kitchen and a balcony that I enjoy sitting out on with a book and a cold drink. 

It is a place where I have all of my creature comforts like the soft couch that puts me to sleep, my TV and other gadgets that make life fun, a fridge with the foods that I like and my own cozy bed; not to mention my incredible kids and my cat. 

It is my haven of calm and peace.  Other than my kids wanting to be fed (as usual), there is nobody standing there making demands of me.  I can do what I want and be who I want without looking over my shoulder to see who is judging me.   I can just be me. 

I have never caught the travel bug.  If I go away and am gone for more than about three days, I get all twitchy and am definitely not fun to be around.  When I take vacation time from work, I always take a “staycation”, or stay in “balconville” as we say here in Montreal, and recharge my batteries.  My friends and coworkers who go away for their vacation always come home more tired than when they left and I’ve never understood the point of that.   

My son always has plans and I have to “reserve” a day if I actually want to make plans that involve him.  My daughter, on the other hand, is far more like me.  She’s totally happy to just hang out at home and I have to encourage her to go out with her friends.  At least I always know where she is ;) 


Somebody else loves home too


  1. I do enjoy to be home, but I also love visiting my family. They are about eight hours away by car, and we are heading that direction in just a few short weeks!

    1. I agree that seeing family is always a good reason to travel no matter how much you like your own bed. Have a wonderful trip Betsy!

  2. Home is what you make it, I always believed. Sounds like you've made yours quite cozy. It's good to get away once in awhile so as to appreciate home and your bed when you return!! I've seriously hugged my bed once of twice!! XX

    1. You're right Barb, I certainly savour my bed far more after being away from it for a couple of days :)