Friday, May 1, 2015

Exciting Times

My life hasn’t had much excitement these days but my son’s life has been pretty exciting.  He is in Grade 11 which, here in Quebec, means that he graduates high school this year.  They have already had the Grad Semi-Formal dinner/dance back in the fall which gets the ball rolling.

A few weeks ago they went on the Grad trip to New York City for four days.  Fifty teenagers, five chaperones……. what could go wrong?  Before they left I alternated between being thrilled at the experience that he’d have and being terrified that I’d never see my first-born again.  They saw all of the usual sights including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Madame Tussaud’s, Central Station, Ground Zero, etc. and went to a Broadway show (Jersey Boys) their first night and a comedy club the second night. 

The piece de resistance though was the Canadiens – Devils hockey game on Good Friday.  They all got free Habs t-shirts and also had passes to go down on the ice after the game for pictures.  I told him that if he met Max Pacioretty, he had to tell him that Mom thinks he’s a cutie  ;)  Sadly, they didn’t meet the players but it was still cool anyway.

Mine is the stunned looking one in the black leather jacket near the centre-right and that's his pretty girlfriend in front of him
They all come back from New York in one piece, with plenty of tales to tell about the sights that they saw and, with four teenage boys to a room, the smells that they smelled.

We now have to start saving our pennies for the formal Grad dinner/dance which is right around the corner.  Limo, suit, corsage for the girlfriend, pictures……. it’s coming too quickly!

Add all of this to the fact that he has been accepted at John Abbott College in the fall and this is going to be an exciting, if expensive, time for him.  I was mentioning all of this in an email to my ex recently and said that our wallets are going to be bleeding.  Sadly, I wasn’t joking.

If you don’t hear from me, it’s because I’m working three jobs to pay for all of this.

Damned kid better support me when I’m old.



  1. Those things ARE really expensive! I lucked out when my son was in high school, he went to most with a group so he didn't even wear a suit or anything. He didn't go to his senior prom, that's the one w/the limo and all usually. He wasn't dating anyone and didn't want to go, just to go. I felt a little bad, but looking at my wallet at the time? I didn't spend a lot of time convincing him to go either :) Hopefully your son will have great memories, and yes, take care of you forever in return!

    1. It's all very expensive but I'm glad to be able to give him these memories. If it means a few less lattes then so be it. It's a shame that your son didn't go to the prom but I suppose that it's better that he said so than to have you pay for something that he wasn't keen on.

  2. Graduating as juniors. I kind of wish we did that here. Most seniors anymore only go to school for half the day anyway. I'm already freaking out about the expenses from 16-23 and my oldest is only six. In fact my latest post was on something similar.
    Angela @ Stepping into Motherhood

    1. Yeah, they finish high school here in Grade 11 and then go to CEGEP (kind of college) before university. It seems that we do everything different in Quebec! They definitely do get more expensive as they get older but it's an amazing ride watching them grow into young adults.

  3. Hey There You!! So good so hear from you. That was quite an exciting trip for your son. Time goes fast. Teach him how to work and send money to Mom in his spare time in college..LOL

    1. Yeah, I've been kind of absent these days but have been trying hard to "get back on the horse". Blogging and the blogging community always make me feel good.

      Believe me, I've been prodding him to get job applications in so that he can at least start paying for his own hair gel!