Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm "with it"…. sort of...

I had the following conversation with The Boy the other day and tweeted it:

At the time, I felt about a hundred years old.  Thanks a lot kid!

When I stopped to think about it, though, I realized that I'm actually pretty "with it".  For somebody who grew up in the seventies and eighties, the technology in my home, not to mention my purse, is pretty damned impressive.  The kids and I have cell phones and iPods and I used my tax refund a couple of years ago to upgrade to a Mac (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE).  My cable box has a DVR so that I can record programs with no cassette tapes.  Please tell me I'm not alone in remembering those piles of VCR tapes that gathered on the shelf beside the television…….

I'm also pretty social media savvy (if I do say so myself).  Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the bloggy universe I have been enjoying here, I'm pretty hip to what's happening.  Okay, ignore that I just said "hip to"; maybe I have a way to go yet.

I think that no matter how well I keep up, I'll just have to accept that my kids will always be ahead of me.  Our kids have been surrounded by technology their whole lives.  I don't think that my kids would know how to use a pay phone and my son thinks that the video games of my youth sound quaint.  My daughter figured out my iPad case without thinking about it while I have been struggling with the darned thing.  They seem to be able to intuit these things without even trying.

If today's technology is astounding compared to what I had as a teenager in the eighties, what will it seem like compared to when my kids are in their forties?  It's mind boggling, really.  It has truly made the world a smaller place where we interact daily with people from all over without blinking an eye.  It's a world where we know what is happening thousands of miles away within minutes - for better or worse.  Whatever may come next, I know that my kids will keep up.  Me?

I'll do my best to be "with it".



  1. It is hard to keep up anymore!! I think it's pretty amazing how well people have learned to adapt. I just pray I can keep up with my girls. Who knows what they will come up with next.

    1. We parents really do need to keep up just to keep our kids safe. I've met so many great people through social media (yes, you're on that list!) but there are also many dangers.