Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'd rather be......

At Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop today, one of the prompts is:  seven things I’d rather be doing this summer.  I tend to suck at lists but I think that I can manage this one.

The first is pretty simple – no work!  The Boy’s girlfriend’s mother works for their school and I’m so jealous of the fact that she’s off now for the summer.  Okay, maybe not the whole “no paycheque” thing - that kind of sucks – but the rest totally rocks.  If I could find a way to be off work for the summer and still pay the bills and keep the teens fed, I would be one happy chick.

I live in an apartment and, for the most part, like it but I really miss having a yard.  Instead of drinking my morning tea in front of my computer or while reading the paper, I would much rather be drinking it sitting in the shade in a yard.  Backyard barbeques would be nice too rather than barbequing on my balcony and eating inside.

A lot of people would say that they’d rather be at the beach or travelling to some other vacation spot but, honestly, I’m such a homebody and not much of a traveler so I’m going to be different and say that I just want to be home enjoying my own city.  If I’m away from home for more than three days, I start getting twitchy so it’s a “staycation” for me!  There is always so much going on here in Montreal that there is really no excuse for boredom.

The Boy is still with me full time and as much as I love him and love being with him, this momma could use some true alone time.   I love my babies (okay teenagers) very, very much but, given a chance, I’d rather be able to walk around in my underwear when I feel like it (at least some of the time).  Sorry for that mental picture…..

I’d rather be eating someone else’s cooking.  I don’t mind cooking and am really not bad at it but, once the hot weather hits, who the heck feels like standing over a hot stove?  Not this lady!  I do enjoy using the barbeque but, really, I’d rather just have someone else do the cooking this summer.  I just need that winning lotto ticket and I’m set.

I know that the days of high heat and humidity are coming and so one of the things that I’d rather be doing this summer is staying cool.  The heat makes me very cranky so the cooler I manage to stay, the better off everyone is.  So bring on the air conditioner, the freezies and cold drinks!
Hmmmm, I’m having a hard time thinking of a seventh thing…….

How about, I’d rather be sitting on my balcony with a cold drink and a good book right now than sitting at a desk?  Yeah, that works for me

Enjoy your summer everybody!



  1. I am like you. I do enjoy a vacation once in a while, but, I'm more of an introvert homebody too. Hope you enjoy your summer!

    1. To me, a long weekend in a cabin on a lake is absolutely perfect; especially with good company. By the third day, though, I'm pretty much ready for my own bed :)