Thursday, January 23, 2014

Better Times

I was looking at my calendar and realized that we are in the third week of January and I’m feeling pretty damned fine.  This is completely different from a year ago.  Last winter, I was really slammed by the “winter blues” and was feeling pretty low but this year (so far) I haven’t sunk like that.  I know that there are a few reasons for that.

First, I had a really good holiday season.  I started my Christmas shopping early so I was in better shape, financially, by the time the actual holiday came.  I even had some of my bonus left when New Year’s went by (truly amazing!).  I was far more prepared than in previous years so I had less stress and was able to concentrate on enjoying myself.  And enjoy myself I did!  I got to spend time with loved ones and see family that I don’t get to see very often.  There was plenty of good food and wine and laughs to chase the winter blahs away!  I even treated myself to some things that I have wanted for a while.

For the first time in a while, I didn’t ring in the New Year alone.  I joined in a ladies’ night that was a blast!  Again, lots of good food, wine and laughs.  Do you sense a trend here?  Is it possible that spending time with other people is good for me?  Who’d of thunk it!  Looks like I have to plan more things like that…..

Second, as I told you about in my last post, I have signed up for an online course that should challenge my brain and keep me busy through the dark month of February.  I’m looking forward to learning new things and will definitely share some of my new knowledge with you.  It’s nice to have something to be excited about at this time of year rather than just being in hibernation mode with only spring to look forward to.

Something else to look forward to is that I have signed up for a Blog Tour for a book that has been published by the very talented JC Little of The Animated Woman.  That will be happening in a few weeks and there will be a giveaway!  I’ve never done anything like this before and am super-psyched to be doing it.

This brings me to another reason for my lighter mood – this blog.  I made the mistake of stopping for a while there and don’t intend to do that again.  When I stopped blogging, I lost this community.  I still read some blogs but not like I’m doing now and I missed that interaction.  Not every post is a winner but they don’t have to all be winners.  I’m learning how to not only be imperfect but to be comfortable with it.  I have joined a FB group called Bloppy Bloggers, a community of bloggers who support and encourage one another regardless of how big or small each of us is.  This has encouraged me to create a Facebook page for this blog (check out the box on the right side of this page).  I had always hesitated to create one but have taken the plunge.  (this is a not so subtle hint to give me a “like”, lol).
I started writing this post a few days ago.  Last night I was talking to my SIL, both of us all excited about having started the first session of our online course, when she brought up this very subject that I have been writing about here.  She spoke of how much better she feels now compared to last year and how happy she's feeling.  Is it just us or is it something in the air?  Are we perhaps affecting each other?  You know, one of us feels better and it spreads to the other and just keeps going in a circle?  Whatever the answers are, I hope that whatever is happening keeps on happening because I'm liking it!


  1. I am glad you are feeling better this year! I love reading your blog. =)

    1. That's so sweet, thank you Betsy! I'm daring to hope that I've got the winter blues beat this year (let's hope I haven't jinxed myself)