Sunday, January 5, 2014


I do have another post in the making at the moment but had to slip this one in.  We have gone a little appliance-crazy here over the holidays, crossing some things off the ever present wish list.

All year, The Girl has been bugging me for an ice cream maker.  It was on her birthday list as well as her Christmas list.  Well, I gave in and got her one for Christmas.  I didn't cheap out on some crappy model that would die on her either; I went for the Cuisinart one.  Only one question though - why the heck did I wait so long to get this?!  We made some strawberry ice cream last week and it was absolutely heavenly!  Of course, I probably spent more on the out-of-season strawberries than I would have spent on a container of store-bought ice cream but that doesn't matter.  It was that good!

Then came the Boxing Day sales…….  that combined with an Amazon gift card that I received for Christmas got me my heart's greatest desire; a KitchenAid stand mixer!!  It arrived in record time and I have been spending this afternoon baking.  I've done peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies and I have homemade bread and meatballs in queue.  I have been wanting one of these things for so long that just seeing it on my counter makes me smile  :)

Am I finished?  No way!  I have finally gotten myself a small chest freezer.  I only have an apartment-size fridge here with a small freezer and it makes me nuts when I can't take advantage of a sale because there isn't enough room in my freezer.  Of course, once I had the freezer, I just had to go shopping for meat to go in it.  I've definitely been having some shopping fun over the holidays!

I think that we can pretty much call my Christmas bonus finished now but I'm starting the New Year with some majorly wished-for appliances, paid bills and a full pantry/fridge/freezer.

Okay, 2014, bring it on; I'm ready!!



  1. Great gifts! They really are cost effective in the long run since you will be baking, cooking, and freezing alot of your food. Smart choices.

    1. Of course, as I pointed out to my coworker, the fact that I get so excited over a mixer makes me feel just a teeny bit old. I mean, I actually squealed when it arrived!

  2. That does it-- I'm going downstairs and pulling Ben & Jerry's out of the freezer where I left him. You just triggered me by talking about ice cream! I'm just lucky that there aren't any chocolate chip cookies lying about or I'd be getting into those as well ;) Looks like you're all stocked up and ready for 2014-- now, when do I come for dinner?

    1. So glad I could "inspire" you ;)

      Anytime you're in Montreal, my door is open!