Thursday, December 5, 2013

One Year Ago

I’m back to Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts today! 

What were you blogging about a year ago today?  What has changed? 

The answer to the first question is easy – nothing!  I went through a period from June 2012 until April 2013 where I didn’t write at all.  I just couldn’t seem to come up with the words to share what was happening in my head.  It’s like I was in a holding pattern where nothing seemed interesting enough to talk about and the things that were in my head weren’t things that I wanted to share. 

This was especially true through last winter.  When I was younger, I was never bothered by the “winter blues” but the last couple of winters have been bleak in my head and, last winter, I really took a plunge.  I’m sure that part of it is the hormonal changes that are happening now that I am in my forties; those same changes that are making PMS more of a “thing” in my life.  Trust me; there are a couple of days a month when you don’t want to be near me!   

It’s more than that though.  My life isn’t entirely what I wanted it to be and I found myself dwelling on that a lot.  I guess that I had a different picture of where I would be at forty three and, for a while, I forgot to be grateful for where I actually was. 

What has changed?  Well, when spring came and I found my “blues” lifting, I jumped back into blogging.  This was a good first step for me.  Sometimes I come up with my own posts and other times I go to places like Mama Kat’s site for inspiration but the important thing is that I’m not letting myself stop.  I don’t have a huge readership but it’s something that I enjoy and hopefully it will be one of the things that get me through this winter relatively sane. 

I’ve also been doing little things to brighten my life.  I am cooking from scratch more rather than buying packaged foods and enjoying trying out new recipes.  My kids have definitely been winners in that enterprise.  I’m making bread and cookies more often too rather than buying them packaged.  We’ve also been ordering out less too – healthier for body and wallet.  My diet is still far from perfect but I’m taking baby steps. 

I also try to get out more even if it’s just out to the mall to window shop or get together with someone for a drink (or two or three….).  I’m trying to feel a little more “connected”. 

I still need to work on meeting a decent guy and doing something to make my job a little more exciting but these things will come (hopefully!) 

Hopefully, this winter won’t be so hard but, if it is, I’ll be sure to come here to complain about it instead of shutting up.  Does that give you something to look forward to or what! 

The season is upon us!
Mama’s Losin’ It



  1. Me too..I was getting so I didn't want to write so I quit. Glad I came back too. I've been averaging 3 posts a week. That's about all I can do comfortably. You can always come to FL where it's very warm and sunny on Daytona Beach to beat the winter blues! ;-)

    1. I'm trying to do a couple of posts a week now. Doing NaBloPoMo showed me that I can do it if I try but I'm not going to pressure myself; just have fun with it.

      I honestly don't mind the cold and snow; I think that just need a little more daylight to make my soul happy

  2. I've gone through periods like that with blogging. I'm also feeling the drag of winter. I hate the short days. I mis sunshine!

    1. I totally agree with you on the sunshine! It's hard to leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark.

  3. My stuff hasn't changed that much. I pretty much use blogging as a journal that helps generate ideas for the newspaper columns I write.
    I've written every day since December 2005 (except for a few days when storms blew our power to Georgia).
    It's become something I do.

    1. Wow, every day for eight years?! That's really impressive! I'm not sure that my life is exciting enough to generate a post a day but I try to be interesting at least a couple of times a week ;)

  4. I don't blame you at all for backing away at times. I think it's like any hobby, there are times we are excited to be part of the community and eager to write about what's on our mind...and other times it just feels...meh. I'm glad you're working to pull yourself out of that funk though. It's not fun to be in!

    1. Blogging has become a part of what helps me feel good so I'm definitely going to try to keep at it. Your prompts are great for helping get my brain in gear; keep them coming!