Sunday, August 4, 2013


Even the sky is irritable and needs a vacation!

Know how it feels when you are SO ready for vacation time that you feel like you’re limping to the finish line?  I still have another two weeks to go until mine and I can hardly wait.  When my alarm clock goes off in the mornings, the sound drills into my slumbering brain and I just want to roll over and fade back into dreamland.  One of these days, my snooze bar is going to give up and die from the pounding that it gets every morning. 

My last real time off aside from holiday long weekends was a week back in March and it feels like forever.  I can’t say that it’s because we’ve been excessively busy at work because that would be a fib.  As a matter of fact, it’s because we’re not so busy lately that the days are dragging and seem to go on and on and on…….  I’m getting to the point where I get irritable for no good reason and my patience for idiots is tenuous at best. 

This isn’t unusual for me.  Whenever I get to the point where I’m due for vacation, my workdays are more of a trial than usual.  I pity the fool who gets in my way when the clock hits 5:00 on my last day of work before vacation (yeah, that’s an 80’s Mr. T reference for those us old enough to remember) 

That last Friday will be a good day.  I’ll be able to turn off my alarm knowing that it won’t go on again for two weeks.  I may even start the day with a smile with that knowledge.   

I’m looking forward to two weeks of starting my days slowly in my pj’s with a cup of tea (probably several cups) and spending time surfing the net, reading a paper, relaxing and so on.  Other than making sure that the kids are ready to start school, I have absolutely no plans and I like it that way.  I intend to charge my batteries and go where the wind takes me.  Maybe I’ll take in a movie, go shopping, get together with friends…….. whatever. 

Just the thought of it is calming my mind. 

I have friends who dash off to the airport and travel for every vacation and they love it.  Good for them!  Personally, I find travelling to be stressful and exhausting and I get antsy for my own bed after about three nights.  That’s the point where I get irritable and snappy – might as well be at work and get paid to have a bad attitude.   

Give me a good old staycation every time. 



  1. Enjoy your time off work. I hope you find it relaxing and enjoyable!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I'm really looking forward to it - only 5.75 working days to go....

  2. I was off last week and it was AMAZING! Then, I had to come back and seriously almost cried. Fortunately, I had another week that I had to take, so I'm off again in September and I can't wait! Enjoy your time!

    1. Only another 25.5 hours to go! (not that I'm counting or anything)

      I'm glad that you enjoyed your week and, just think, you have another week to look forward to :)