Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vacation Wrap-up

Well, my vacation is almost over.  It has been a nice, relaxing two weeks mostly consisting of chilling out.  Quite frankly, I didn't have the budget to do much more.  That's okay, though, I got plenty of time to recharge my batteries.  I did do a few things though.

Last week was the end of soccer for the summer.  After four regular games during the week, we had Soccer Fest where both kids played in the finals.  It was a brilliantly sunny and hot day and both kids played hard in the heat.  The Boy's team came away with the bronze medal and The Girl's team, with Stinky as the coach again this year, came away with the silver.  This mom came away with a killer of a sun burn!  I've been peeling all week.....

Check out that burn!

We also took my mother out for her birthday (which is what killed my budget!) which she was very happy with.  We all ate well and she walked away with a handful of lotto scratch tickets to occupy her while she digested her belly full of fish and chips from Moe's.  Yep, she's easy to please  :)

I've been on my own this week with the kids at their dad's place but they've been popping in and out.  It's nice that Stinky and I live so close to each other so that the kids, now that they're older, can go back and forth between our places as they wish.  One of the visits was to pick up the schedules and agendas that I picked up from school for them - after handing over $622 worth of post-dated cheques to pay for school fees, of course.  No wonder I feel poor!  I haven't even seen the school supply lists yet (insert shudder here).

I had a good visit with a friend yesterday and am hoping to hang out with my SIL sometime this weekend and that pretty much sums up the last of my vacation.  Time with my SIL is definitely a good note to end on!

Believe it or not, the stress of going back to work is already starting to sink in.  I laid awake last night with work on my brain.  What nightmares await me?  I must give my co-workers credit, they didn't call or email me even once although they know that I'm home and wouldn't begrudge them a call or two.  Thank you ladies!  I'll just have to wait until Tuesday to hear the stories.  Hopefully I'll be able to sleep with the anticipation.....

Happy long weekend to you all!



  1. I always hated that feeling of getting ready to go back to work after vacation. At least you were able to relax and re-energize despite the low budget. Sometimes that's just what you need to do.

    1. Oh definitely, I have certainly had a chance to recharge my batteries and I really needed that. :)

  2. Try not to think about work and just enjoy your last two days.

    1. I'm doing my best to push that countdown to the back of my head and keep my brain in vacation mode. It's mostly working...

  3. Replies
    1. I work with some pretty good people. Today was my first day back and I'm told that things went pretty smoothly. Phew!!