Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ten Things That I've Learned

Mama’s Losin’ It

One of this week’s writing prompts from Mama Kat is “10 things I learned in June”.  Hmmmmm…. did I learn 10 things in June?  I don’t feel any smarter but perhaps I do have a few observations that I could put in writing 

1 – Kids seem to be spending less and less time in school these days.  Between ped days, multiple holidays and the fact that, in high school (gr. 7 and 9) their last day of class was June 7, they hardly seem to be there.  They had a full two weeks on their own until the start of day camp during which we had to make sure they were entertained and out of trouble.  That’s not easy when you’re at the office. 

2 – As they get older, keeping my kids entertained and out of trouble is getting more expensive. 

 I’m not keen on the heat and humidity of a Montreal summer but the clouds and rain that we had through June have been worse.  I’ve never minded rain too much but, this past month, I’ve learned to dread waking up to it yet again. 

 Just when I think that the popular media and trash mags can’t get worse, they do.  I am so sick of seeing Kanye and Kim everywhere I look.  Enough already!  It’s bad enough that they are breeding but, aside from that, they really aren’t all that interesting; just a couple of leeches sucking up our attention as if it was life-giving blood. 

 Long weekends are MUCH better when you actually have some money in the bank to spend.  The Canada Day long weekend was so much more fun that the St. Jean Baptiste one. 

6 – Never, ever take your family and close friends for granted.  They are what make life worth living.  Tell them you love them every chance you get. 

7 – Not enough of us have a schedule that allows us to volunteer for our kids sports.  In some cases, it’s a lack of willingness which is even sadder.  Thankfully my ex is able to coach The Girl’s team – that's definitely a good thing! 

8 – My daughter is old enough (almost 13) now to be embarrassed by her parents’ goofiness in public places.  Cue the eye rolls and pretending she doesn’t know us…… 

9 – Leaky roofs are a pain in the butt! 

10  I already knew this but was reminded last weekend just how much I enjoy cracking open a cold beer and firing up the BBQ with good food and good company. 

What have you learned/observed lately?



  1. All great things to have learned! And I think I most relate to #2. I might actually have to get a real job in order to afford to keep my daughter entertained and out of trouble for the next four years!

    1. It certainly seems like my paycheque is getting a little more stretched each year; between how much they eat and how their "toys" and activities keep getting more expensive. There is always a hand reaching out for some cash. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I agree with you on Kim and Kanye. The Kardashians are famous for being famous (although, I do like Khloe. She's the black sheep) and ever since the Taylor Swift incident, I wish Kanye would disappear, cuz he's a total jerk. I wish they would just pay people to be in their entourage who would punch them in the face when they do something stupid.

    1. If only they had some actual talent (acting, music, etc) to make them interesting and deserving of our attention, they wouldn't bug me so much. The fact that they have held onto people's attention for so long makes me shake my head....

  3. Great list! The cold beer and barbecue has to be maybe my favorite thing about summer. So lovely!

    1. They make the high heat and humidity that we get here well worth it :)