Sunday, July 21, 2013


Last week, at The Girl’s soccer game, her step-mom handed me a small ziplock bag with some green leaves in it.  I asked her if she had started dealing and she laughed and told me it was catnip.  They had tried to plant some in the garden a few years ago but the neighbourhood cats had come and decimated it within days.  Now that they have two big dogs hanging out in the backyard, they decided to try again and this plant is thriving.  There is too much for their cats so she’s currently “dealing”. 

I have never bought it for my cat and wondered how she would like it.  Well, the result was just too funny.  By the time I got home, I had other things on my mind and had forgotten about it.  I put my purse down on the floor and went about my business.  When I came back in the room, I found my cat rubbing and rolling all over my purse and meowing at me.  I guess she smelled something good! 

I took the bag out, removed one little leaf and put it down on the floor in front of her.  I have never seen her go so bonkers over anything before!  She started by circling it, meowing her head off.  I mean, it was quite a performance for a cat who almost never vocalizes.  Usually, she only talks to us when the food bowl is empty and, even then, it’s only little squeaky meows. 

Then she flopped over and rolled her body all over this tiny little leaf; back and forth, soaking as much of the scent into her fur as possible.  She ended her performance by wrapping her body around the leg of one of the dining room chairs and proceeded to trap her tail with paws and mouth as if it was going to detach and run away.  I’ve never seen my quiet little cat behave like that and thought that it was hilarious! 

When you buy the dried stuff in the store, you never know what they have added to it but this is fresh from the garden so I can sit back and enjoy the show knowing that it’s the “good stuff”, lol! 


  1. Ha ha! Sounds like the cat had a good time....

    1. I think that I've created an addict Tony!! LOL