Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where would I go?

One of this week’s writing prompts at Mama Kat’s Losing It is:  eight places I’d go this summer if money wasn’t an object.  Imagine first class airfares, four star hotels, any restaurants that please my taste buds……. I could get used to that! 

Maritimes – When I was eighteen, I went to Nova Scotia to visit my (then) boyfriend’s family and thought it was a beautiful place.  I was amazed by the power of the ocean and loved the small towns that I saw.  I would love to spend some time touring Canada’s Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland), exploring the history, soaking in the natural beauty, doing some whale watching, eating wonderful seafood and, of course, partying with the locals.  Nobody can party like a Neufie! 

New York City – I admit that I’m not keen on big cities with their crowds and pollution but I would have to make an exception for New York.  Yes, it’s probably the biggest, most crowded city on the continent but it’s one of those places that I would like to visit once just to be able to say that “I did it”.  I would shop at all of those famous stores (especially that big M&M place!), visit the museums and go see a Broadway show.  The first thing on my list, though, would be a trip to the World Trade Centre site and the museum there to pay my respects to those who died and those who so valiantly gave of themselves on that day.  No trip to New York would be complete without that stop. 

Italy – Now that I’ve depressed you, let me lift you up with beautiful Italy.  I love history and would dearly love to go to a country with such a rich past.  I would wander through Rome and Venice soaking in the feel of such old cities.  I would take a tour through Italy’s wine country sipping my way from place to place.  Don’t worry I wouldn’t get drunk because I’d also be eating my way across the country.   Good thing I’d be spending so much time walking to counteract all of those calories or you’d be rolling me into the airport to go home. 

Hawaii – Hawaii has become a very commercial tourist destination which would normally be a turnoff for me and, if I went, I would definitely stay away from the “touristy” places.  I would love to go there to visit the live volcanoes.  The power of the earth has always fascinated me and left me awed.  How amazing would it be to see the flowing magma?!  There are also some magnificent natural vistas there too that I would love to see first-hand.  

Banff National Park – I would turn this into a double vacation by taking the cross-Canada train from Montreal to Alberta (first class of course!) to see more of this wonderful country before arriving at my destination.  Banff is one of Canada’s natural wonders; the majestic mountains, the wildlife, the resorts.  I think that I would spend the first half of my time there hiking and camping and then, for the second half, find myself a luxury resort in the mountains for some pampering. 

Yellowstone National Park – I think that I would go to Yellowstone for much the same reason as I chose Hawaii.  Imagine knowing that you are standing in the caldera of a super-volcano?  My respect for the power of nature and the earth that we are standing on is immense.  The journey to witness the geysers and hot springs in person would be worth every minute. 

Greece – Yes, I’m going to be repetitive again.  My reasons for visiting Greece are much the same as my reasons for visiting Italy (minus the wine).  The history of this old country draws me in and the idea of walking in footsteps of the ancient Greeks awes me.  Also, there’s the food  :) 

My own city – Montreal is a vibrant city that absolutely glows in the summer.  I would love to book myself into a four star hotel downtown, escaping the usual responsibilities and spend my days soaking in everything that I possibly can: Formula One Racing, Franco Folies, International Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs comedy festival, Beer Fest, International Fireworks Competition, International Film Fest, numerous wonderful museums…… the list goes on.  Add to these things the incredible food scene which now finally includes food trucks (yay!) in addition to all of the wonderful restaurants and the lively night life.  Living here with the usual routine of daily life of work, kids, chores, etc., I think that we sometimes forget to stop and be grateful for what we have right here at home.  

Where would you go? 

Mama’s Losin’ It



  1. Your photos are lovely - when can I book that trip?

    1. When I win the lottery and can actually book some of these trips, I promise that I'll post the details ;) (ps. I'm not holding my breath on this)

  2. Kat--I would go to southern France--a place I've gone to before. The rolling hills, the mountains, the leisurely pace of's heaven from my perspective.

    I love your inclusion of Yellowstone (a different kind of beauty), along with Italy and Greece. I've heard that Greece gorgeous...Maybe someday.

    1. That does sound heavenly! There are so many beautiful places out there; if only we had more money snd time......

  3. Replies
    1. It's nice to dream...... while we save our pennies ;)