Saturday, February 6, 2010

Caution: 40th Birthdays May Lead to Hangovers!

My morning greeting

A couple of drinks into the evening

Me and DJ Chick

PC showing me his talented tongue! (no it doesn't stand for Politically Correct; far from it!)

Yes, I know, I resolved to do a post-a-week and I failed that last weekend. In my own defense, I spent half of last weekend hung-over from my Friday night birthday celebration. I had way too much fun!

I don't usually do much for my birthday but, since it was my fortieth, I figured that I should mark it somehow. My coworkers/friends thought the same thing. I arrived at work that morning to a sign on my computer screen and I was surprised with a cake and a chorus later on. I even received a couple of nice gifts (smelly stuff and a gift card for my favourite book store). I don't tend to seek the spotlight. As a matter of fact, I'm usually the one in the corner as far from the spotlight as humanly possible. I could feel my cheeks burning the whole time but still loved it!

Anyway, I marked the event by inviting everyone to join me for drinks after work where my SIL, DJ Chick, and her friends D and Elvis joined us. Well, a few drinks turned into getting home at 2:30 am but it was a blast. It was DJ Chick who gave me a kick in the ass and got me to do something for my fortieth and I'm eternally grateful to her for it. We had many shots, made fun of the poor band (not their fault; lousy sound system), learned how to "tongue" the alphabet from PC and mocked a couple of the more arrogant bar patrons. Would you believe that there was a guy who looked like Fabio - a much older Fabio, mind you?! Ew!! There was even a guy who asked DJ Chick to feel his package (no not Fabio). I didn't get that lucky (*rolls eyes*) but I guess I can't have everything.

I am very lucky, though; I've got friends and family that make life worth getting out of bed for. People that will gladly come out and drink a toast (or two or three) to me, an ex-husband who, without hesitation, gave up his Friday night to take our kids as well as DJ Chick's daughter (his niece) so that I could get out and celebrate, a mother who makes me a bit crazy but is always generous and there for me, and the list goes on.......

The next day, I asked on Twitter if anyone would believe me if, given how I was feeling, I said that I would never drink again. The answer was an emphatic "NO". Yeah, you're right, I don't believe it either.


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