Wednesday, November 2, 2016

He's Out! NaBloPoMo Challenge - Day 2

Well, I mentioned the other day that my son, Z,  has moved out with his buddy.  I have my misgivings about it starting with WHO he moved out with right up to the fact that I really want to see him go back to school but I have decided that, while I have made my misgivings known, I really have to step back and let him learn his own lessons.  As a mother who wants him to do well, it's hard, but I have to do it.

He and M (his bud) took over M's brother's lease and moved in a few weeks ago.  Between differing work schedules and other things going on, I only got to go see the place for the first time a couple of days ago.  He was very proud to show it off and, believe me, I had to try hard to remember how proud I was of my first place.

It's a basement apartment so isn't the brightest but it is a good size and boy could it use maid service! It wasn't as bad as I had expected but those kitchen counters, among other things, needed a good wiping.  That's what you get when you have two 18 year olds living together.  Despite this, he is very proud of himself and I guess that I don't blame him.  He does know how to clean though so I'm sure that he'll get the hang of keeping a place decent without me telling him to soon enough.

There is one more, temporary, roomate, though.  M's brother has left his snake there for now while he gets settled in his new place.

Hey lady, whatchu lookin' at?

Thank goodness that thing was in an aquarium, behind glass...... ((shudder))

What am I thankful for today? My beautiful daughter who is sitting behind working on her project for school. I love how she has become so engaged in school!


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  1. You're a good strong mom to keep yourself in check and letting him learn on his own. I hope he does keep up with education in the future. You are brave to step foot in there with a snake in the premises. Aquarium or not!