Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm back......at least I'm trying to be.....

I haven't written a post since last May. I don't really have a good excuse for being away. I've kind of been drifting along, not quite knowing what to write about and, perhaps, feeling a little depressed about my "normal" life. I mean, who would be interested in me? I work, take care of my kids and try to take some "me" time where I can. This is not the stuff of exciting or witty tales. If I can't be amusing, what's the point? As you can see, I haven't been feeling very "up" these days.

I have, however, been (sort of) keeping up with reading several of my favourite blogs. It is one of these that has inspired me to come back to my blog. This is the blog of @SnglMomSurvives on Twitter called Single Mom Survives. She went through a traumatic surgury recently and, when she returned to her blog, she poured her heart out to us. When I read those posts, I didn't laugh once, I wasn't excited by her exploits; instead I was touched. I could feel her emotions and my heart went out to her. I commented on her posts telling her that I adore her and gave her what encouragement I could.

This is when a lightbulb went on in my head. I realized that I don't always have to be witty or have an exciting story to tell in order to connect with people; I just have to be honest. I realized that I enjoyed writing my blog and that it made me feel good; all the benefits of therapy without the bill at the end! So here is my goal; I intend to get back on the horse (so to speak) and start writing again. I won't promise to produce something every week and I can't promise to make you laugh every time. Let's face it, I don't always feel like laughing myself. What I do promise, to myself as well as to my (few) readers, is that I will definitely keep it real. If I can make you laugh, great. If I can make you think, great. If I can do nothing but make a connection or two, that's good too. All I know is that the "little voices" in my head are telling me to try this again.

It's too late to call this a New Year's resolution (which we never stick to anyway) so let's just say that I'll try a little harder, okay?



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