Friday, October 25, 2013

A Rather Blustery Time of Year

I am down with a nasty cold right now and trying not to think too hard so, of course, I'm playing around on the internet when I'm not napping.

I thought that this video was very fitting for the time of year - it's colourful, blustery and cloudy.  Also, I have always loved Pooh!

I'm going to spend the weekend trying to beat this cold.  Hopefully yours will be better  ;)



  1. I LOVE Eeyore! I hope you're feeling better. I dislike this season!

    1. I think that I've always had a tie between Eeryore and Piglet. Maybe I have a thing for the underdog

      I spent four days at home doing nothing and came out better for it. It seems that actually staying home and taking care of yourself really does do a body good. Who knew? ;)

    2. sorry to learn you're sick! Stay home and rest! Chicken soup really does work btw. Sending hugs and energy for a speedy recovery!